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John, Dick, SoupA-Libre & new cameraman Thor get together to film the hilarious making of a delicious soup from scratch, using common ingredients found in most kitckens. This is the most fun making soup you can have with your clothes on… and possibly without! It starts out fun, and gets slightly out of control from […]

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SoupA-Video at Bella Colombia Restaurant

In our latest video, we’re up to our old tricks again. This time we’re in search of fresh, home-made soup for our Soup diet at an authentic Colombian cusine restaurant. Only this time… we brought SoupAlibre along for the ride. This poor restaurant may never be the same! Click below to watch it now! (Up […]

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A promise made must be kept. Meet Natalie, 13 year old pie maker extrodinaire.

If you haven’t noticed we have been a little weak content wise for the past few weeks. Excuses abound but the facts remain, personal injury and a family emergency derailed the SoupAday train. The long of the short is no-one died but it was close. During the down time John has been editing his brains […]

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SoupAday’s Soft Launch Giveaway!!!!

Have you ever heard of KISS? Nope, not the band or the actual act, the acronym, you know the one: “Keep it simple stupid”! We have tried, oh man have we tried but it just isn’t happening and we need your help. John and I have this compulsion issue; we add or remove a bit […]

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Who The Hell Is ‘SoupA-Libre’?

SoupA-Libre is SoupAday’s officially unofficial food taster and mascot. For nearly a decade, oozing monumental amounts of charisma, personality, passion and other bodily fluids, Soupa-Libre has been there for us. He doesn’t really cook, write, shoot video, take pictures, edit or do anything blog related but for the two of us what he does not […]

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Fresh pork

Where’s The Pork?

…Ever wonder where to find the freshest pork possible? We decided to find out…

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