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…Wanna know what John and Dick are up to on a regular basis? Subscribe to SoupAday’s RSS feed and receive every new post right in your Inbox! Never miss another recipe, video, article, or crazy graphic ever again! This may be the smartest thing we’ve done in… days!! It’s really simple and you only need […]

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SoupA-Translator is here!

If you’ve noticed our visitor counts and diverse mix of global locations lately in our revolving earth map to the lower right, then you also know that SoupAday has truly gone “SoupA-Global”… and because of this, we have received numerous requests for in-site language translation. Well congratulations to all involved, because now you can invite […]

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Bon Voyage to me……

So much for posting a new soup. I promised John I would TRY, we all know (except John) that what that really meant is the possibility of a MAYBE. If you ask any of my 4 kids they know that MAYBE directly correlates to: “It’s probably not going to happen”. Thankfully John is a forgiving […]

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Sri Spicy Sambar 5

Sri’s Spicy Drumstick Sambar, Ingredients from “India Bazaar” Ft Myers Florida.

This recipe is from our good friend and web developer Sri, this Spicy Drumstick Sambar is his family’s secret recipe and he was kind enough to share it with SoupAday. Sri lives in Southern India and is the person who helped John and I get SoupAday off the ground. If anyone who reads this is […]

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SoupAday’s S.E.O. Diary, page one:

Search engine optimization or “S.E.O.” is one of those necessary evils fledgling website owners and wannabee bloggers like John and me must deal with if they expect to achieve any type of ranking on the search engines. “Ranking” for a website if you’re not aware is simply getting as close as you can to page […]

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SoupA-Video at Bella Colombia Restaurant

In our latest video, we’re up to our old tricks again. This time we’re in search of fresh, home-made soup for our Soup diet at an authentic Colombian cusine restaurant. Only this time… we brought SoupAlibre along for the ride. This poor restaurant may never be the same! Click below to watch it now! (Up […]

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Cream of Tomato basil for Gramps

All pictures were taken with a point and shoot digital camera at my Grandfathers house in Northern Michigan. This soup was his request, he is alive and kicking by the grace of God. Gotta love the fresh basil! Soup base not cubes of bullion, make sure the garlic is fresh too, you can taste the […]

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A promise made must be kept. Meet Natalie, 13 year old pie maker extrodinaire.

If you haven’t noticed we have been a little weak content wise for the past few weeks. Excuses abound but the facts remain, personal injury and a family emergency derailed the SoupAday train. The long of the short is no-one died but it was close. During the down time John has been editing his brains […]

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soupaday winner 1

And the winner is:

Mr. Leslie V. from Manistee Michigan has won our first ever giveaway! You are the hands down winner, no-one else came close to letting us know just how much more work we really need to do. Thanks (…we think). John and I are grateful for all of the submissions that were filed and will do […]

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Time for a soup diet

Time for a “Soup Diet”?

For those of you not in the know, last week was not a very good week for Dick and yours truly. I’m sure that last time you heard, we were supposed to be back at the gym, well on our way to our new-found healthier diets. Instead, I decided to pull a muscle in my […]

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