SoupAday’s first feature length soup making video!


Coming to You-Tube and soon!

Like all good plans we started without one. I’m not quite sure who cooked up the idea first but both Johnny and I knew it was about time we shot our first tutorial video preparing a soup. Of course the usual suspects needed to be there; John, Soupa and I but we also needed some extra help and a camera man, which is how our Icelandic buddy “Thor” got involved and became the 4th unwilling participant in our train wreck of a cooking video. His name and identity have not been changed to protect his identity and our promise to leave him out of the video has not been honored. Sorry Thor, you should have known better.

When the idea was initially hatched we agreed in advance that we needed to story board everything and shoot this video scene by scene. We are not professionals after all and it seemed like the logical thing to do. The only problem was neither John, Soupa nor I actually did any of that, it never got past the discussion and good intentions part. That got me to thinking; maybe we are not as professional as we thought. What we did manage to do however is show up to Soupa’s house with lots of beer and some leftovers to make soup, now we just needed to figure out what to do next.

The next part went as planned, no story board, no scene by scene progression, nothing, nada, zip, we just started filming and cooking. The funny thing is it worked, we don’t know how and we don’t know why but we got some really magical footage. Unlike a traditional cooking video ours is a bit more “colorful”. For better or for worse, our first attempt is original, it’s not canned and it’s utterly real, the naked truth (if you will) about unrated uncensored home cooking with the SoupAday gang. Maybe this UN-scripted stuff is the way to go, maybe not, you’ll have to be the judge. Regardless, we had a blast shooting it and hope you enjoy the video and actually try the recipe. Beneath it all lays a delicious soup and a secret ingredient that we are not proud to bring you, the Kale is optional, as are clothes…..don’t ask us why, watch.

Coming this fall….or as soon as John finishes the editing.

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