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Better Odds than Vegas

Day TWO…….Better odds than Vegas!

Good morning to all of our non-existent followers! Day two of our launch and things are going somewhat as planned, how nice. We were expecting a call from PETA but it never came and that makes us a little SAD because even though they are whack jobs some of the groupies are pretty hot. A […]

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SoupAday’s Soft Launch Giveaway!!!!

Have you ever heard of KISS? Nope, not the band or the actual act, the acronym, you know the one: “Keep it simple stupid”! We have tried, oh man have we tried but it just isn’t happening and we need your help. John and I have this compulsion issue; we add or remove a bit […]

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It’s amazing how quickly time passes when you have a deadline to meet. Regardless of how much time we originally thought it would take to launch, how many hours in a day we would have to invest to be ready, the “SoupAday Launch” clock kept ticking and our goals and timelines had to be met […]

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Cream of Broccoli & Broccoli Raab

This is a simple, delicious soup that broccoli lovers will savor! In a large stock pot heat olive oil to medium heat, do not allow the oil to smoke. Add salt, chopped broccoli (stalks and heads), chopped broccoli raab (stems leaves and florets), and one large onion, skin on and halved. Sauté for about 10-15 […]

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Beef Barley with Portabella ‘Sufficiency Sophonsified’

There is something about beef with barley based soups that I can’t quite put my finger on that just flat out works for me. My grandfather, whom I affectionately refer to as: “Gramps” has this saying when he has finished a rather satisfying meal, it is: “My sufficiency is sufficiently sophonsified.” I don’t know exactly […]

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Cream Of Corn And Yucca

Yucca? Fear not, what sounds yucky is actually quite yummy! This wonderful root, a staple in Central America and the West Indies, has the texture of velvet and a flavor combination of a Yukon gold potato crossed with sweet corn. Yucca can be boiled, steamed, fried and even made into flour. The key ingredient to […]

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Who The Hell Is ‘SoupA-Libre’?

SoupA-Libre is SoupAday’s officially unofficial food taster and mascot. For nearly a decade, oozing monumental amounts of charisma, personality, passion and other bodily fluids, Soupa-Libre has been there for us. He doesn’t really cook, write, shoot video, take pictures, edit or do anything blog related but for the two of us what he does not […]

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When we dive into a new soup... we really dive into a new soup!

How Did This All Begin?

John and Dick live in SW Florida. They have been the best of friends for over 25 years and have shared the good times and the bad. For some unknown reason they decide to embark on a food blogging adventure. Why? Don’t bother asking them because…

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