Week two of the vegetarian experiment update

Not surprisingly I’m felling pretty damn chipper eight day’s in. Who would have thought that eating right and not abusing yourself could feel… so fine. Those annoying last minute dashes to the privy seem to have gone to the wayside and that’s a ginormouse gastrointestinal relief. My belligerent body has also finally figured out that it isn’t getting anymore fun fat, caffeine or alcohol and has thus acquiesced and relinquished its gorilla grip on my frontal lobes. That pounder of a headache and fledgling arch nemesis almost did me in on a few occasions but I never caved, almost. It would take more than the beast bouncing around my brittle brain to sway me. So how when and where did I cheat? Sunday, I used chicken stock in a new soup. Zero fat, Zero cholesterol, so shoot me.

Since I am now over the first high hurdle it’s time to tackle the second, THE GYM. I despise the place preferring my kitchen and knives over the endless elliptical and slimy sweat. Sometimes you just have to force yourself I guess. It seems that getting older gracefully isn’t coming as easy to me as it did before and that’s the part of the aging process that is sucking the most for me right now, I miss the good young days. Since I really don’t have a choice due to promises made under duress to my wonderful wife I am sucking it up and going tomorrow hell or high water. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Now that the reality is sinking in like the Titanic I am thinking John should be playing along since we are official partners, let’s ask!

Hey Johnny Baby, even though you are totally Greek with a body beefier than Adonis, if I have to suffer so should you, we are a team buddy! Misery loves company so what do you say? Wanna suck it up and drag your double digit derriere back in for some Soupa summer slimming? Not that I would ever try and guilt you buddy but if you really love me and truly cared about our blog you would say yes. Let our readers and I know, you have 24 hours or I sick Soupa-Libre on your ass. You do remember what happened the last time…. right?

Ovvverrrrr Nnnn Out!


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