Day TWO…….Better odds than Vegas!

Good morning to all of our non-existent followers! Day two of our launch and things are going somewhat as planned, how nice. We were expecting a call from PETA but it never came and that makes us a little SAD because even though they are whack jobs some of the groupies are pretty hot. A few people did stand up and represent, voicing their dislike of the sow getting dispatched in our first SoupAvid. We are not heartless bastards and actually understand, we didn’t like that part either; not that it stopped us from editing it out. Mark Zuckeberg of FB fame chose not to eat any animal protein for a year unless he was the one who killed the animal, stating some nonsensical wisdom about being “responsible”. He was not the one who inspired the video but we have to give the guy props, he eats a lot less animal protein now than he did in the past, we would too.

Being such a Huuuuuugggghhhhhhaaaaaaa presence on the internet food blogging front we didn’t anticipate much interest in our first free giveaway, we were surprised though that there was NONE. Actually there were two submissions, one from “Johnny Meticulous” (John’s alter ego) that we cannot use because that would be rigging the contest, and another from “Adam” that was just too damn nice. That leaves the contest wide open for the Henckels knife, the odds of winning at this point and in the near future are better than anything in Vegas or a county fair so get typing and send us a critique!

Ovvverrrrr Nnnn out!

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