Official Launch!

It’s amazing how quickly time passes when you have a deadline to meet. Regardless of how much time we originally thought it would take to launch, how many hours in a day we would have to invest to be ready, the “SoupAday Launch” clock kept ticking and our goals and timelines had to be met regardless of what we had accomplished. We quickly found that Mr. Time is an unforgiving prick, especially to a couple of poor guy’s with OCD and short attention spans. Being on an incredibly tight budget also meant that if we were to ever get Soupaday off the ground, we would have to wing a few things. Thankfully that is our main area of expertise. However, avoiding serious debt and meeting our deadline wasn’t. We were forced to be frugally creative and that is exactly what we have done. For better or for worse, our deadline has arrived and it’s now officially time to launch our new baby. Since SoupAday’s original conception nearly twenty five years ago (we had to wait for Al Gore to invent and perfect the internet) it has been a mad rush to create content and have our site built in some semblance of a timeline. We are happy with what we have created in this soupa-condensed timeline and hope you enjoy what we are bringing to the table. Remember to come for the soup and stay for the story. SoupAday is ever evolving, it’s not just about the soup or side dishes, you’ll never know what’s next.. because we don’t either, and we aim to keep it that way. Thanks for stopping by, and wish us some luck, we’ll need all we can get!

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