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Time for a soup diet

Time for a “Soup Diet”?

For those of you not in the know, last week was not a very good week for Dick and yours truly. I’m sure that last time you heard, we were supposed to be back at the gym, well on our way to our new-found healthier diets. Instead, I decided to pull a muscle in my […]

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SoupA-Simple Brazilian Style Black Beans and Jasmine Rice. Great for a Soup Diet!

As promised we bring you our first Soupa-Simple recipe, soup diet worthy. Not only is it incredibly easy and fast to make but it will not break the bank, as a bonus it’s healthy too! This might just be the one that ushers in our new soup diet series. As you can see, these basic […]

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SoupA-Wedded Bliss

Last night yours truly was treated to a most excellent meal created specially for me by my incredibly tolerant and loving wife, Gina. Instead of being thankful like a normal person though the a-hole insecurity in me wanted to know why. Dicks been a bad boy you see, I’ve been nasty grumpy because of the […]

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SoupA-Tough Start

I have to admit… I knew up front that eating right and beginning a new workout regimen would not be easy; I knew it would be a tough, but let me tell you… 5 minutes into the incline treadmill I realized, Wow… this is going to be SoupAtough! I’ve been down this road before; but […]

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SoupA-Simple Recipe Requests…

The fact that we are now receiving requests is a sign of great things to come. We would like to think that we are arriving in some way shape or form into the welcoming arms of the blogosphere, but it’s only been two weeks since we officially launched, more time will tell. What we can […]

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Chicken Wing or the Treadmill

NOT as easy as it sounds… Dick, you have unfortunately put me in the very uncomfortable position of making a choice between taste and relaxation, and… health. What to do, what to do? I pondered this today very carefully while I was eating a cheeseburger for lunch, and then it hit me like a ton […]

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Week two of the vegetarian experiment update

Not surprisingly I’m felling pretty damn chipper eight day’s in. Who would have thought that eating right and not abusing yourself could feel… so fine. Those annoying last minute dashes to the privy seem to have gone to the wayside and that’s a ginormouse gastrointestinal relief. My belligerent body has also finally figured out that […]

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Soupa Healthy Special! It’s our first soupa low cal, low fat, low carb high protein soup, mmmm mmmm good!

Grilled tofu with stuffed wonton and porcini mushroom soup This is our first Soupa healthy soup. We went with an Asian inspired theme with an emphasis on low carb and high protein. The reduced calorie and fat was simply a byproduct. If you notice, no oil was used. It isn’t necessary if you Keep an […]

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Loving Hut Vegan Cusine, Naples Fl.

I am 5 day’s into the two month vegetarian experiment and totally not digging the withdrawals and cleansing process. John has no sympathy, he’s eating buffalo wings right now and cracking jokes about the runs. Pay backs are a bitch buddy! With nothing to look forward to but another 2 months of suffering coupled with […]

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sambar spice 4

Dick’s Dirty Little Secret!

Are you ready for the DDLS bomb to drop? Hold on to your soup bowls and start the countdown, are you ready? 3—-2—-1— DICK’S A VEGETARIAN!” Laughable if you know me, but it happens to be true, I am. For a mind blowing 4 day’s now with a commitment of 58 more, I have sworn […]

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